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                  About Us

                  Shanghai acrylic (cast) chemical corporation, is a professional manufacturer, it devotes to producing and exploiting organic glass. It has its own reputation in both domestic and international. locate in Anting industrial district, and has a standard workshop, occupying more than 50 acreage, about 30000 square meters. 


                  The company import the latest equipment from the UK, Japan, Taiwan and other foreign countries, technolology has been adopted with reliable automatic production line. In order to insume producing high quality of acrylic sheet, also as know as organic glass, the company purotiase raw material called MMA, which is from international celebrated corporations, Production’s capability guide line attains or exceeds national standard, and attain the latest international standard, comparing with international brands, which are from Japan, Taiwan, Southkorea, Germany etc. The company engaged in acrylic sheet profession for many years. It has brought up a working team of professionals who are familiar which technology and marjking. Productional quality is steady and reliable. Marketing net spreads all over the cities, selling to Occident, Japan, Southkorea, South-Asia etc.


                  During the period of the 2nd world War, due to its exellent elasticity and transparence, acrylic was applied in making windshield of plane and the view gklass of the driving room of tand. In 1948, the first acrylic bath tub come into being, which marked a milestone in applying acrylic.


                  Since cover and accessories, graduateddisc of clock and watch, blade of perm, cover of relay; 1960, acrylic was widely applied in various trades of civil goods. For exampole.


                  Building material trade: bathtub and accessories, door and window, separate board, and so on.

                  Mechanic and instrument trade: machine cover and accessories, graduated disc of clock and watch, blade of perm, cover of relay.


                  Aviation electronic and traffic vehicles: windshield, Sign lkight and guide light of lampshade of plane, shipand motorsetc.


                  Advertising: Advertising tower, and board, shop sign, logo and mark.


                  Other trade: cultralgoods, handcrafts, decorates, medical and optical trades.

                   Shanghai acrylic (cast) chemical corporation also offers various types of branding for customers to select. The different brandings target at different purpose of use. Such as Luchuan, Qianyi, Chuangya, Huichuan, Jinniao

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