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                  How Much Do You Know About the Applications of Plexiglas’s Sheets

                  The organic glass is a general name for a kind of special glass. People will not figure out the main material of this kind of Plexiglass Sheetsif just from the aspect of its name. Actually, the chemical name of this high polymer transparent material is polymethyl methacrylate, and people always call it Pmma Sheet as an abbreviation. Due to its unique chemical and physical characteristic, this new kind of material has become the best one among all synthesized transparent materials. After years’ of development and research, people have found that the Pmma Acrylic Sheet has lots of advantages, such as high transparency, excellent mechanical strength, light weight, excellent weather resistance and easy to process.

                  In the long river of the development of Plexiglas’s panels, it is mainly used in the outdoor advertising and outdoor fitment fields, such as the sound insulation field, advertising industry, transportation industry and lighting industry, but is seldom applied in the interior design field. Following the development of science and technology in recent years, people have gradually improved the process technology of organic glass according to the practical market demands. At present, the applications of it have become wider and wider and the organic glass has played an important role in the modern furniture industry, such as the interior decoration, the sanitary products etc. Due to its various kinds of applications in different industries, so people need to use different methods to produce it, and the main four methods are: paste method, hot-press method, and mosaic technique etc.

                  The plexiglass panels can be classified into four main types according to the different features, the colorless and transparent type is the most commonly used types. Considering the high transparency, the transparent type is very suitable for making lamps and lanterns, people can find it in the modern interior design. Besides, there is also translucent type which is very similar with the Clear Plexiglass Sheets, and its products will make people feel very comfortable because it has soft reflect light. In addition to the above two types, the knurling organic glass is also used in the interior doors and window decoration, and it is usually used as the separate part of interior design with its unique features.

                  Besides, people also adopt Plexiglas’s panels to produce inter-platform basin, bathtub and toilet. In addition to the exquisite style and durable properties, these products also have the function of environmental protection. Currently, the high polymer material products have got almost half of the market share in the modern furniture market. And with the improvement of people’s living standard, the applications of the organic glass will bring more convenience to people’s daily life.

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