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                  The Development Trend of PMMA In Market

                  Pmma sheet, called Acrylic Sheet or plexiglass, is an important thermoplastic plastics. It possesses good transparence, chemistry stability and weather resistant, so it is of easy dyeing and processing. Also, it is widely used in construction. The acrylic board product usually may divide into pours the board, squeezes out the board and the mold plastic.

                  In architecture, pmma is mainly uesd for lighting body, transparent roof, ceiling, telephone booth and stairs. Not only that, in sanitary ware, it can produce bathtub, washbasin, dressing table and other products. In recent years, there has been a tremendous development in highway, high-level road lighting, as well as automobile lamps. It shows that pmma is still great space for developing, and has great market prospect.

                  Recently, with the construction of city restaurant and high-grade residence in China, lighting body is developing rapidly. The lighting body which uses acrylic panel as materials has high strength of structure, good light transmission, high safty performance and other advantages.

                  Currently, in the United States and Japen have adopted mandatory legal requirement that the construction of schools and kindergartens should adopt pmma sheet. With the improvement of Chinese laws and regulations, it is expected that in the near future Chinese schools and kindergartens will also be required to adopt Clear Plexiglass Sheets. At the same time, a great deal of street logos, ads light boxes, telephone booth and other equipments which mainly use Pmma Sheet as materials occur as the step of urbanization speeds up.

                  Also, along with building law in China has increasingly improved, pmma must have great competitiveness in more areas of application. Besides, the application of special plexiglass such as optical glass, CD-grade pmma, radiation-shielding pmma, and so on, still is blank in China, thus, it has great room for development.

                  However, in China, the product structure of Pmma Acrylic Sheet is irrational. It only can product ordinary varieties products and is lack of high value-added products just what construction need. Also, Chinese acrylic board is mostly imported from abroad. Therefore, it can be seen that there is a definite gap between China and foreign countries in the technical services and variety, quality of products.

                  To change this situation, there is only one way to overcome this, that is continue to enhance Chinese science and technology development, then learn from the advantages of similar products abroad. All in all, the development trend of pmma in Chinese market will be better and better.

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