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                  Introduction on Performance and Advantage of Acrylic Sheet

                  Acrylic sheet is in fact a type of organic glass plate, also Clear Plexiglass Sheets. It is also known as PMMA sheet which can be explained from the performance of acrylic. Acrylic is a type of chemical material polymerized by methyl methacrylate monomer, belonging to polyacrylate. As the general name of acrylic acid and methylacrylic acid chemicals, acrylic is organic glass after special treatment which includes monomer, panel, granule, resin and compound material. Therefore, it has the reputation for king of plastic. Because of good plasticity, acrylic can be manufactured into various forms and products required.

                  Acrylic sheet has multiple excellent performances. Hardness, as the important link of quality control, is one of parameters best reflects manufacturing technique and technology of pouring acrylic sheet. It well reflects material MMA purity, plate weather ability and high temperature resistance. To specific, it directly affects plate shrinking and bending that may leads to deformation, as well as surface processing that may leads to fissure. Given the example of frosted acrylic sheets, it has high requirement of hardness for its specific application environment. Commonly, the highest Rockwell hardness number averagely reaches to about 89 degree.

                  Acrylic plate thickness tolerance is also an important parameter which well embodies the quality management and production technology. Commonly, acrylic plate thickness tolerance is controlled within +0.2mm. Another important parameter that indicates acrylic sheet performance is transparency and whiteness. Strict raw material selection, advanced ingredient follow-up and modern manufacturing technique well ensure excellent transparency and whiteness of acrylic sheet which presents crystal clear after the treatment of flame polishing. In the market, Transparent Acrylic Sheet is the typical application of this characteristic.

                  Acrylic sheet, especially Acrylic Glass Sheets, is the best new material for manufacturing sanitary ware after the use of ceramics. Compared with traditional ceramic material, acrylic sheet has many advantages other than incomparable high brightness, for example, good toughness that ensures difficult damaging, strong reparability that ensures freshly new effect after bushing with a bit of soft foaming toothpaste, soft texture that ensures warm feeling in cold winter and splendid color that ensures satisfying individual pursuit by different tastes. We can say, it is the new favorite of modern manufacturing material.

                  On account of multiple advantages, acrylic sheet is mainly used for carving, decoration and crafts manufacture, whereas those of pressing type are commonly used for AD signboard and light box manufacture. In daily living, basin, bathtub and toilet manufactured form acrylic sheet are not only of elegant module, but of durable service and environment protection, whose radiation is almost the same with that of human body skeleton itself. Now, Pmma Acrylic Sheet is of wider and wider application. Its application still covers parts like instrument parts, automobile lights, optical lens and transparent tubes.

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